Thursday, August 1, 2019

For Sale:SOLD PF Flintlock 12 ga Sitting Fox Smooth Bore For Sale Never Fired!

A really nice older Smooth Bore!
Had a 12 bore smoothie come in on consignment, it needed a little TLC. Circa is 1970's.
Made a few small repairs, she does need matching wedge pins. Price is 700$ due to the fact I have over 4 hours clean up work in this piece. 

Have to get paid so I may as well tell folks up front. See picture on details on sheet. 

FYI: It does have an early Siting Fox [42" appx barrel] as the SF stamp is on the top flat. 
Dixie Works lock made in Italy

Hand carved stock from A Vermont maple.

You can see the frizzen face has only a few marks. These are from me testing the lock.

 Repaired the frizzen

Adjusted spring on trigger You may have to re-adjust so it doesn't hit the wood when screwed down. 

 Installed a tennon 

 Under 6-1/2 pounds

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