Saturday, April 6, 2019

New Yorkisstan Firearms Ban and ELECTED Officials write letters.

I spent 32 years in NY as an officer in several firearms related groups. IMPO: What a waste of time, all these letters are. It is another side topic to keep local politicians in office. You guys will vote for the same people who over the last 30 years did nothing to stop Albany's onslaught of firearms restrictions. 10-15 years ago you couldn't get a local Sheriff to show support for the 2nd amendment verbally much less in writing. and NYS restrictive laws. You could have every gun group and gun club endorse another letter and still the FUDD's would vote for another Obama,Cuomo ,#LooserHillary,Gillibrand. If the state threw $$$ at a county for the firearms ban laws, they'd trip over each other to get to the cash. For 3 decades the locals always blamed Albany for local politicians actions. Said our hands are tied call your legislator if you want change. The Albany criminals were elected cause NY FUDD's refuse to come out to vote. You guys need to clean house on the local level even if it means removing a fence sitting relative from elected office. So the Sheriff and his people will not arrest you. The state will & we all know if a Deputy pulls over a car and the State Trooper hears the call they will show up as well. Same hook-line & sinker different bait. Regards BPB

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