Saturday, April 20, 2019

Lots of Questions on Spanish Muzzle Loader Many with Bad Answers

CVA downfall bad breech plugs

So a guy makes a post on the internet and it is meet with all kinds of advice much of which is incorrect. Many times these questions have already been beat to death on a weekly trial by expert opinions.

IMPO: The proof marks tell who made the barrel not always the name of the town it came from.

Any Spanish mfg CVA will be marked as such. The 2 piece "Jukar" the name stamped on many barrels of which CVA offered 2 similar rifles with different stocks. The earlier model had a wide brass band ,while the later Kentucky rifle offered a thin brass ring.

  Other retail outlets offered the same but not under the CVA brand.  In addition to this 
Dikar mfg muzzle loaders you all need to read the article I posted at the top.

At my blog- With this being said Bergara now offers top notch barrels that are based on Shilen barrel mfg process and licensed to offer world class shooting & accurate barrels.

 My professional advice is to to be wary of any older Spanish mfg muzzle loader and to inspect all the parts well prior to purchase.

Spanish and Italian manufactures offered different kits, per builds of different styles and quality.

Remember it is the proof marks that tell the story not the name.


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