Friday, March 25, 2016

Road Blocks ~Protestors and the Peoples Right to Move About Freely!

Many years ago , at times I'd find myself confronted with similar situations. Being one who does not intimidate easily, especially when sitting in a 3,000 pound projectile.

With that said I'll offer some sound advice.


  Not much to say other than when it does happen & if at all possible don't stop . You are placing your family and yourself in grave danger. Find a way around, turn around ,cut across the median and be careful not to get stuck.   I am telling you if at all possible and no other option is available then run over whomever is standing in front of your vehicle.  You nor I owe these people anything what so ever!

 If you and others have to drive through the protestors & have time to fashion a quick plan do it! Proceed in the direction you all have agreed upon.  IF you decide to drive convoy style through the swath of protestors then drive bumper to bumper so the protestors can not get in between the vehicles. Nothing sets fear into a protestor fast as being in between two vehicles as they slip under one of them.

Remember from what we all have witnessed is this; you are; YOU ARE NOT SAFE! These protestors will hurt you given a chance. Don't roll down your window to speak, yell or threaten them.  Else they are liable to throw something inside your vehicle.
 Use your camera to your advantage. You'll need it for insurance claims.
 Theses protestors are professional victim's and will lie , cheat, steal to incriminate anyone that opposes them.

Keep rolling along as best as possible, don't stop to call anyone 50 feet past the protestors.

 Get to the next town take a quick break and continue on your way. Once you arrive at your destination notify your vehicle insurance company if your car has sustained any damages. Don't go into great details. Simply state you came upon a group of protestors blocking said road. You narrowly escaped with your life.

As an example here is a picture of a person who stopped.

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