Friday, March 25, 2016

FaceBook Unknown Turd reported my BlackPowderBill Page, So it is suspended.

All those attempting to contact me via FaceBook please read.

Oh yea one mo thing ~if anyone is looking for me on FaceBook it seems someone did not like my comments and I had 2 individuals friend request me . I did recognize their names. A few days later my page blew up with a bunch of liberal junk I bounced them and the following week FB sent me a note asking who I was and they wanted a government ID to prove it. SOOO FB suspended my account as BLACKPOWDERBILL.

I do have another BPB page it is attached to another friends  profile. But all my pictures and other friend contact info is locked in FB jail. Which sux as I had people I conversed with on a regular basis. Even all those forums and other log in stuff I have to use a new log in since FB will not allow me to log into them as well.

FB says, SOMEONE told them I was not who I said I was. Had to prove my ID so my friends would know who they are dealing with . WTH I said not everyone on the internet is my friend and those who are in my list of FB folk know who I am.

DirtBags Liberal scum FB is.

Regards BPB

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