Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The M1 Garand Williamson NY rifle course


The M1 Garand

Williamson Conservation and Sporting Club is offering the NRA First Steps Rifle Course focused on using the M1 Garand. The course will be Saturday, June 7, from 8:00 AM until 1 PM.

The Club has 6 M1 rifles for use with the course, although anyone with an M1 in safe condition is encouraged to bring and use it.  Students are requested to bring appropriate eye and hearing protection, although we will have some available.  Students are also encouraged to bring mats, slings, spotting scopes, cleaning supplies, and 30-06 dummy rounds if they have them.  Also, please let us know if you are bringing your own M1.

Cost of the course will be $75 payable to WCSC and will include all ammunition needed to complete the course. The class size will be limited by the number of club rifles needed by students. Following classroom instruction, the students will shoot the CMP national match course of fire. For those wishing to sign up, please contact Rick Benton at 585-370-5442 or via e-mail at: All fees are to be paid by Monday, May 17th.

 Topics covered include:

A.   Firearms safety

B.   Fundamentals of loading, shooting, and unloading the M1 Garand rifle

C.   Ammunition selection

D.   Cleaning of the rifle

E.    Safe storage of firearms

F.    Opportunities to enhance shooting skills

 Students should also bring appropriate refreshments.  Please bring appropriate attire for the weather conditions as shooting will be done outdoors.

Don Rimai, certified NRA rifle instructor

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