Monday, April 14, 2014

Preliminary Injunction could be granted

April 14th 2014 for updates and membership info.

      A Preliminary Injunction could be granted on the eve of when NY SAFE would have turned anyone owning a previously legal rifle into a criminal by not registering that rifle with the state by April 15th.

   In a suit brought by La Reddola, Lester & Associates, LLP under Razzano v Cuomo. Plaintiff alleged that the NY S.A.F.E. Act Violates the Fifth Amendment as it compels individuals to provide information which may incriminate themselves and criminalizes both Failing to Register a Firearm and Possessing an Unregistered Firearm. Violation of the Second Amendment upon Failure to Register or an Unchallengeable Determination of “Ineligibility” The Fourth Amendment by Mandating Searches and Seizures, without Warrant or Probable Cause as well as the Fourteenth Amendment by Failing to Provide for Notice and Pre-Deprivation Hearing, a Method of Correcting Misinformation in the Database, or a Method of Retrieval for Seized Property in Violation or Due Process of Law.

A decision could be coming as soon as tomorrow. Monday April 14th 2014.
Check with
La Reddola, Lester & Associates, LLP under Razzano v Cuomo. or for details.
This could happen fast.
Or the court could decide to do nothing.

Be advised that if the court decides to stop the database, we, (SCOPE) will be asking you to email the leadership of the legisltaure to Repeal the NY SAFE Act.

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