Monday, December 31, 2012

NY handgun permit problem ,stems from firearms owners

NY handgun permit problem.

 We'd not have a list of firearms owners and their firearms if New York state were to follow the federal guidelines and the Brady Inc policy. New Yorkers, firearms owners in particular have allowed themselves to be placed on a registered list which includes what type of firearms they own. It's pretty much the same type list the Nazi's used. Name,birthdate, location,fingerprints,occupation,SSN#,place of work,firearms and Serial No's,race,color,national orgin,4 friends names and locations,your mental state,criminal histior if any. YEPPER the only thing missing is RELIGION!

 Then add into the mix Judges who interpert the law as they see fit. WOW Hun, and you have a reciepe for disaster. Especially when those big EGOS are at stake. Had a fellow work mate a long time ago tell me this. If a Judge was any kind of a lawyer he'd never be a Judge.

So where does the problem lie?

After years of me telling sportsmen to stop using the antis terms and fancy names for firearms it apperars they just can't grasp the importance of the words.
 As I visited a few forums over the past week I still see in print from firearms owners the special words used by antis.

We'll never win anything using the oppositions lingo. Nor will we ever convince the 80%, so it's calculated; non caring public that we are serious when people in our own ranks are willing to give up another chip of the Liberty rock.

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