Sunday, December 23, 2012

Musical Rant on media propaganda

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Performed by Rex Benincasa, with Sean Kupisz on electric bass.
Background support vocalists: Lura Berry and Jose Antonio Melian.
This is a shuffley rant rap about The Media; disinformation, propaganda, spin and general manipulation of facts by agencies and people with an agenda to influence the knowledge and opinion of the public. Just the facts.

Lyrics are below.

Don't cha get it? Yeaaaaaaaah! So
SOME of it is the way it is But
WAY more of the time it's big
game SHOW BIZ To pull it
off right The Fat Boys
keep the frame tight. Want your
vision narrow Want your vision
narrow. Sell it all with a
bit of DisInfo
Clip a little hide a
little DisInfo slide a
little False facts in plain
sight Leak Her just right You'll
never feel the bite You know
Z was right: "...slime
from your video." "...slime
from your video." It's just
"Junq Junq Junq...."
And all along they gently guide you
sliding down the slope of acceptance
Doesn't matter what language they're
BSin' in They just
cherry-pick some fiction and
sell it with some "spin". If they're
Pushin' peace from the left or
Hawking from the right What we
get depends on how in Hell they
sell and gel the light. It's
clear what you hear but the
real story's missing and the
powers are hissing _ trying to
make you shake, make you quake-
break orange alert fake to
scare you more jack you down
on the floor false di-
lemmas, vapid nonsense.
Stuff to shake you up
shake you down for more. Wanna hear
more about What for?
What for? You
really don't know what lies
under the half lies? Spinning
long term well disguised
super-size lies? POWER
PLANS! They stay "on point"
threaten you with the joint (and)
Little DisInfo mash-up
helps them sweep the cash up
Power's the focus using lots of
wordy hocus-pocus 'cause
back room deals for oily stuff and
bloody-money's not enough. They're
mad greedy needy so they're
frontin' lefty right with The
New World Order plainly
marching into sight DisInfo's
cooking up some jive of the kind
sparkly enough to distract your
Mickey D mind Keep the
working proles guessing "Look!"
red, white and blue
window dressing! TV
Junq junq junq....

And all along they gently guide you
sliding down the slope of acceptance
Guide you to the chute Here comes the
jack boot!
Never know what hit-cha as the
Shirts come to git-cha Spinning their
Red herring views You
won't hear about that chute
on the local news! On the
info-tainment news they feed you
"Junq Junq Junq...." Keep
everybody freakin' but
offer up a beacon to
buoy up your hopes as you
back up to the ropes. With a
handful of players pullin'
strings and gettin' fat. But the
tail waggin' the dog is
really where it's at. So
you can listen closely but
what you'll hear is mostly more of
what "They" say;
Very scripted every day
Spinny DisInfo guides you and
critical thinking eludes you.
You're surrounded and your brain's
barely grounded as they push

"Junq junq junq junq
junq junq junq " Talkin' 'lotta
Blue State Red State
brain dead in the head State
Sound bites, pull quotes
propaganda, lost votes.
(Don't you worry what it is.
We might not even count 'em)
Get some

Good Ol' Boys to de-
cide. Then they'll
take you for a ride
sliding down the slope of acceptance.
Skim a little hide a
little let DisInfo slide a
little Leak Her just right You
never feel her bite Slick and
hairy-scary. Don't you know
Z was right: "...slime
from your video. "...slime
from your video." It's just
"Junq Junq Junq...."

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