Friday, March 4, 2011

Thoughts for today project Gun Walker

People keep sending me news links and links to the Mayor's against gun violence telling me what were up against. Like I just jumped off the truck in the big city is all I can figure.

IMHO: We all know what were up against. So when the top law enforcement agency in the country is busted,AGAIN for running guns into criminals hands. Just exactly when are firearms owners going to wake up and say, HEY WHOA hold on!! First it drugs you're running, then money to South American Dictators,arms to Middle Eastern rebels, and now firearms to drug runners in an effort to maybe bust a cartel.
 Come on, just how far is the Justice department willing to go to get a bust? Evidently all the way up to & including murder is how I see it.

 Maybe Glenn Beck of Faux news will do an in depth report on the subject as soon as he wipes the tears from his eyes.
Two comments I left on Face Book:

Well, so Schumer was correct in his statement, that firearms from American gun shops are going to Mexico. Now lets see if Chuck, McCarthy, Brady, Rosenthal, Adams and the endless list of anti firearms shills’ start to demand arrest and jail time. Yep I want Jail Time for the Feds who ordered yet another creation of crime to make crime so we can look like we're really fighting crime.
 DAMN this pisses me off. No investigations, take them straight to jail on a million dollars bond. Because if it were you or I selling firearms that is exactly what would happen to us~to jail till we prove yourself innocent.  Come-on Mayor Bloomberg what have you say to this one? While you had undercover people at gun shows you’re buddies in the next office were making an ass-hat out of your anti-firearm speeches.

When the NRA gets a national carry permit adopted how many of you will be lined up for a NICS check for all firearms sales, be they from a dealer or private?
 Someone's gonna have to compromise~

While the NRA is the top dog in the lobbyist arena & probably will be for a few more years. It is not hard to envision how things will play out when you have read all the American Riflemen from 1938 to present.

The latest debacles from the ATF/Justice department are not going to play well for the antis. Problem is Americans have about a 12 hour memory span and this week next week will seem like 10 years ago news wise.  Come on, the ATF leadership let thousands of crimes be committed so they could maybe bust a cartel. All that happened is the Mexican gangs laughed at us again, just like the Arab world laughs when we sent 700M$ to rebuild mosques to the Middle East.

 “War against the People”
 IMO the NRA is to law enforcement heavy & with the “War on Terror” dragging on now 11 years. If you really look at it since 1977,(when I was in Iran); which does not include the U.S. feeding Osama arms and advice  all through the 1970’s in the battle against communism.

Looking back all these wars on the worlds evils are nothing more than one big money scam.
The idea is to drag something out till its milked dry.

It’s time for the NRA to walk into a state and open up the flood gate of law suits. But they can’t because firearms owners are willing to sell each other down the road for some small bit of fame, ego and to say I worked a good deal.

States should have been falling over to repeal there erroneous firearms regulations. Instead some states legislators keep introducing all kinds of BS bills. We have states on the verge of shutting down and legislators are grandstanding on anti firearms issues.

Maybe once a few states have to close shop 2 or 3 days a week reality will sink in, but I doubt it.

 When you have people who were making 60k plus a year and they are now out of work & collecting unenjoyment how many battles do you think they are going to donate to?

Not many 

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