Monday, January 3, 2011

NY Times comment on Cuomo 1/3/2011

NY Times comment on Cuomo 1/3/2011
My GOD people did you all forget while he was Secretary of HUD it was Andy and Kirsten that drafted and pushed the sub-prime/ under qualified lending deals?

Another slap in the face is how he proposed a 1yr no pay raise. WOW!
 I'm here in a top 100 corporation, they stripped our benefits, retirement, no raise, took COLA. They spent 7 billion on another outfit all in 1 year’s time.

From 2005 to 2002 we went 7 yrs with no pay increase, at the end of 5 yrs our COLA was folded into our hourly rate. The next contract we picked up 2.5% raises and since the company retirement was ending at the end of 2012 our union pension was increased incrementally to $1.89 per hour. This funded out of our COLA, my money,our pay.
That's was taken in the last contract as well, we're now at .56c per hour and I doubt if we'll ever see that since our pension was raped by Madoff. Yea, our union investment experts were to stupid not to notice it was a bad deal.

But, my union’s former President who had to retire amidst a scandal was voted in as President enumerates @ over 400k per year salary. So they now have 2 Presidents collecting over 400k yr.

We have 43 employees in one area and there is over a dozen leading us. WTH?

Just like government all top heavy, no actual working knowledge just a bunch of favors and BS.

Grannis just picked up a $162,000.00 yr state position, another newly created spot.
Like the Judith Enck posistion Spitzer created.

I sat in meetings over the years and asked sportsmen's groups, Town’s, cities and Albany, what are you going to do when I/we can't afford to live here? Who's going to pay for all of this when the rest of the manufacturing and jobs are gone?

There reply, oh that will never happen.
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