Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frank Carbone writes~ with 2 additional comments

Police the world or Police the U.S. ?

Answer: Its our choice.
This week’s headline in a New Jersey newspaper - Camden, New Jersey to Lose Half Its Cops” [and firefighters].
25% of the city’s workforce (383 workers) including ~50% of the police force and ~33% of the firefighters are part of the layoffs.

Similar headlines are likely appearing in many communities throughout the country of glass houses – or soon will be appearing.
Camden happens to be one of the nation’s poorest cities along with some of the highest crime rates. Does this sound familiar? It should - there are many other cities that are competing to be second.
Where’s our federal tax money going? Why are we seeing sudden increases in taxes, costs of goods and services, and so many Chinese imports especially foods and pharmaceuticals?  It’s been proven time after time that certain Chinese goods are unsafe and unreliable. I blame american capitalists and fascists for these problems – it’s about profits no matter how much it hurts the american people.   
How can the american people knowingly promote the costly use of american troops and contract mercenaries to police the world in more than 100 countries and military bases around the world?
While at the same time american cities are laying off police in some of the most dangerous US cities and leaving our own borders wide open to unknowns who enter easily at any time.
How can we give the best of care to our own elderly, sick, young, schools, infrastructure etc. if we’re squandering 50% of our federal budget on war mongering, WMDs and nuclear stockpiles? The american people have to be the most gullible creature in the world.
What do most chinese citizens think of americans? They think we’re dumb @&%$#*?@*.

What happened to all of the money that paid half of the police force in Camden and other u.s. cities?
A. It went to the middle east - e.g., $1,000,000.00 for each U.S. soldier and nearly as much for contract mercenaries in addition to millions upon millions in newly printed u.s. money on wooden pallets.

How can we protect the good people of the most dangerous country in the world if we’re dead set on using so much manpower and federal tax money to police the rest world - under the guise of bringing democracy to other countries and protecting us from the boogieman?     
"The country is totally bankrupt and we're spending trillions of dollars on these useless wars. History shows all empires * end * because they expand too far and bankrupt the country - just as the Soviet system came down." - US Rep. Ron Paul M.D. (R-Texas) 
ps – “when seconds count – the police can be minutes and/or miles away [or maybe out of town in the middle east policing another country] - be prepared.”
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Kipp Leland replies
Up till now, neither the Republicans, nor the Democrats, nor the Media, nor a majority of American voters, acknowledge the simple truth of what Frank just posted, and until they do come to accept reality, things are going to continue to get much, much worse here.

Government cannot exempt itself from common sense and simple accounting truths for very long.  America is no exception. 

Check out this site:

Look long and hard at those numbers.


BlackPowderBill Replies;
How can they do this, it's easy?

 First the people demanded to be governed, then they asked for protection, they demanded something be done about everything that crossed their path. The government not wanting to waste an opportunity to create more jobs said sure, it'll cost you a few pennies more.

The non profits and NGO's popped up and said hey, I can make living doing this, but one problem, who has the cash? Uncle Sugar has plenty I'll ask him for some cash. So now we pay for the right to demand, they right of an NGO to dictate policy in the name of the people.

THEN when they get caught spending OUR MONEY on things other than what it was intended for they get let off, to go off and start another phooey corporation that's only intent is to rape the PEOPLE out of our money.

NOW reality has set in and the latest threat is to start laying off government workers. Hey it's planned, they have been doing it for years threating to let the government workers go under the fear of how will you the people survive without us.

I say, we'll survive, always have, neighborhoods will police their own & it ain't gonna be halt,then Miranda rights read off either kind of thing.

They created a war to create jobs because the government let & paid for American corporations for to close down and move out of country.

No manufacturing = No country


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