Sunday, December 5, 2010

Food Prices IMHO with quotes

food prices

 by BPB

For over a year now, actually longer, the markets have told us we'd see at a min of 50% food price increases. With that said, the lame stream media hasn't reported on it much as dance with the stars was more important.

(and $900.00 TV's are now $199.00)

3# of bacon at the Bi-Lo in Washington ,Ga was $20.00 Thanksgiving week. We found the same bacon at ChinaMart in Athens for $13.99. Still a rip off, but my father in law likes his bacon as well as me so I picked it up for him.

FYI: Bi-Lo is Tops markets
Company History:

Tops Markets LLC is a subsidiary of the U.S. operations of Dutch supermarket giant Royal Ahold N.V. In addition to the Tops chain, Ahold also owns Stop & Shop, Giant Food, BI-LO, and Bruno's Supermarkets. With its headquarters located in Williamsville, New York, Tops is comprised of some 160 Tops Friendly Markets, more than 200 Wilson Farms and Sugar Creek convenience stores, and B-Kwik Food Markets superettes. Tops' units are located in central New York and neighboring parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio.


While people cuss ChinaMart for its vampire tactics on small town America you can see Tops is no different~ other than a name change from town to town.

Food has risen by 1 to 3% monthly with some dips for about 3 years now. But it's reported at a much lower rate. All you have to do is look at your food bill to see the increase.

Sugar is the biggest rip off. Sugar should be the cheapest commodity around; but since it is subsidized it cost twice as much here in the states as in other countries. The only thing different today than in the past, in the ships holds, is the lack of slaves to sell on the docks along side the sugar and molasses.

What cooks my ass is how food prices are not factored into the consumer price index.
According to the WSJ article;

Costs are being driven by growing demand for meat in China, India and other emerging markets. That's driven up grain prices, which in turn boost the cost of chicken, steak, bread and pasta. Grain prices also have been nudged higher by drought in Russia, planting problems around the world and speculative trading.


In a Canadian article some time back the government had farmers slaughter hundreds of thousands of hogs sending the majority of them to the landfill. Why, because if they would have hit the open market prices would have dropped to low.
Again, as in the past we'll be paying for China & India's so called emerging market~ which has lasted way past the emerging state for some time now. I suppose their emergence will be final when every person in China & India has a cell phone next to their piss pot & hog trough.

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