Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Fallacy of Passive Management

NY state parks has developed a passive management program for it's lands. The article below while not specific to our situation outlines the problems of "passive management" . FYI: passive management is a term for wilderness & almost non use with very restrictive public use.

The Fallacy of Passive Management

Here is a short opinion on a email I sent out today.

I took one master plan from the Allegheny state park area which is listed here with the 6 or so other park plans
I'm going to assume that this it the base goal for all parks with the exception of a few watersheds, WestPoint ect... You’ll see I highlighted a few lines. It’s my opinion the state could never achieve these goals in any of their parks regardless of the present fanatical situation New York is in. This thinking and the eco-laws is what gave the antis the firepower to sue the Feds and states. They, the government simply could not follow their plans as written. Thus the antis sued and the Government which used taxpayer money to fight them. Many times it was money from the coffers of sportsmen’s programs.

If you look at this article on Passive management it explains the down fall of the project.

In My Opinion, the DEC, State or Greenies which ever name or group you choose had already set the stage to cut the labor force within the DEC. The present financial situation made, hastened this.
To be blunt, a state does not need a 1,000 biologist when it turns half its land holdings into non-use or passive areas. Tending bird watchers and hikers is a lot easier than dealing with the very strong opinionated hunters, trappers and fishermen.

IF ~ IF we tell the state as stated in the resolution; that we want the DEC to remain as it is. This will fly in the face of all those who have complained for years that the DEC was better off as a Fish & Wildlife instead of being combined.

I did not write this to “poop in someone’s flat hat”! I just want people to understand the states parks service goals.

Like I stated earlier, just my opinion of which I have many.

Bill Brookover

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