Sunday, August 1, 2010

NY Sportsmen lack ambition

My reply to a recent article

One reason the Xbow has taken so long to pass is NY's sportsmen spend more time whining and moaning than actually writing letters.
I have argued with every Xbow supporter for years. I told them WE needed to pass the Xbow, no restrictions and let the DEC regulate it. I again argued the Xbow could have been passed years ago if people, I.E. sportsmen; would stop waving the special interest flag & focus on WE instead of ME.

NYB has written many times their exact feelings on the Xbow in regular archery season. Yet the DEC, state and supporters were to slow to read between the lines.

If you take the time to read the NYS Muzzle-Loaders Associations latest news letter, (which is located at; you’ll find that Assemblyman Sweeney’s office told me that they had 200 letters of those 50 were in support of the Xbox.
NY’s sportsmen can’t expect to have a bill passed into law when they spend more time on the internet whining about what they want & then consider themselves an involved sportsman.
A friend a former National Trappers Assn. President some years back was at a meeting in Washington D.C. The USFW director at the time told all in attendance that sportsmen were not showing up when needed. I brought this message back to NY and told everyone I spoke with. I might as well have stuck my head underwater and shouted it to the fishes.

Here it is again in case it was missed the first time: TWO HUNDERD LETTERS

BlackPowderBill Brookover
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