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Distractions 8/12/2010

A new distracting news topic breaks every minuet. By all accounts Americans should be the skinniest people in the world considering the amount of time they spend jumping to conclusions, conclusions which are based on half a story & no facts.
Reading is fundamental & history is written by those who watched, remembered by those who participated & reacted to by those who never paid attention.
Your television is being controlled by us, make no attempt to adjust the dial, we will return you to your regularly broadcast program shortly.
Today, your fate is a mouse click away.

Every day I have my email in box filled with all kinds of, well I call them distractions. You know the emails, the “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS NOW” type of notes. On any given day I delete at least 100 unread emails from my inbox & spam folder. Most of these contain the same message only from different sources.

We live in New York not Arizona, California or Montana and what is happening in those states may affect us in one way or the other. It is not SCOPE’s primary goal to lobby or rally to their cause.
As an example of what a distraction can cause you to loose sight of I’ll give the short version on the recent New York crossbow issue.

Recently in New York we had a crossbow bill. I spent hundreds of hours over the course of a few years convincing fellow sportsmen & politicians that the crossbow should be made legal for all people. I argued to stop waving the flag of a few and wave a flag for all. In other words, everyone should be able to hunt with a crossbow not just the old, young or disable.
I read hundreds of comments for and against the crossbow, but when it came time to pass into law a call from a Legislators office made chills run through me. They were chills of anger when I was told all his office received was 200 letters~200 letters I said. The aid replied, yea we scan all of them. The letters were 150 against and 50 for, (numbers rounded off.)
Yet during the crossbow debate I had received hundreds of emails, read & deleted more topics that were not germane to the crossbow. While the crossbow was not a 2nd amendment issue, S.C.O.P.E. and many other association’s wrote letters of support for this to be passed into law. It didn’t cost us anything and many of our members were in support of the crossbow bill.
So why if people had the time to email me border crossing or is the President a citizen or not & the latest cougar sighting news. Then why didn’t they write a letter of support for the crossbow?

Today as we sit on the dawn of another election, New Yorkers are again distracted by the elections’ in other states & opinions of other associations. I had a guy 2 weeks ago tell me he has never voted. Another in the group told him he needs to stop giving opinions. I have people asking me what the NRA is going to do. I tell them I don’t know, call them and ask. Then the reply; their not a member they don’t like all the mail and calls.

Again while what happens in another state may affect us or not, New Yorkers really need to concentrate on what we need to do in order to change the overwhelming tide of lame stream media propaganda, criminals in New York government & distractions here at home.

New Yorker’s have a few candidates who were brave enough to stand up to the life long anti gun politicians you have complained about for so long.
S.C.O.P.E. can not endorse a political candidate, but S.C.O.P.E. does rate the candidates. Our rating system is based on their voting record and a survey they return to us.

You as a sportsman and as a 2nd amendment supporter need to bring your emotions under control and vote on one single issue, which is the 2nd amendment. No other issue is as important to us as this one. All your other personal political views should all be listed under the 2nd amendment.
This is our issue, our cause and ultimately our fate.

What is my prediction for the single issue voter in 2010?
Short term memory and CRS will take hold.
You’ll be distracted; I mean 4,000 fishermen went to Washington D.C. with Senator Schumer. How do you think they’ll vote in November? Many people will vote for whom ever their union tells them to. All the while believing that person will bring your manufacturing job back.

Government employees will complain about possibility being laid off, lack of funding & under staffed offices. You will be distracted by all of this & as in the past you will write letters of support for them. Mean while many of those people have never helped you with a job, pay raise or actually did anything that helped your group. I mean what the heck, they are being paid to work for us, were not being paid to lobby for them.

Someone explain to me how “Tickle me Massa” and “Dan Pelosi-Maffei” was elected? Most of their district is rural, farmers & gun owners with supposedly old traditional values. Looks like they promised something the 2nd amendment politicians couldn’t. Was it money or a dream of a job that was sent to China 20 years ago? Did anything change? No, in fact it became worse.

You’ve read all what I’ve written here and by now many of you think I’m blowing smoke? Well if ya think I am FOIL one of your state politicians and see how many of your friends sent letters or made calls to support the 2nd amendment, crossbow, trap tag I.D., Snapping turtle trapping, to repeal COBIS and the handgun permit issue. What you’ll see or actually what you will not see will forever change how to talk & deal with people.

The ONLY solution is to stay focused & delete those email topics not germane to New York. To concentrate on OUR goal the 2nd amendment & not another’s goals that keeps them in a pay check and us distracted.
If you want another two or four years of Dope & Chains don’t heed my advice & you can also stop emailing me if you choose Dope & Chains again over the 2nd amendment.

200 letters out of 1,071,772 hunting, fishing & trapping license sales

I’ll say it again:
You as a sportsman and as a 2nd amendment supporter need to bring your emotions under control and vote on one single issue, which is the 2nd amendment. No other issue is as important to us as this one. This is our issue, our cause and ultimately our fate.


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