Thursday, June 10, 2010

Micro-stamping in NY

Below is a list of Senators that belong to the NY Sportsman's Caucus.

These are the legislators that pledge to champion sportsman's rights in Albany.

This list includes their district, party affiliation and their email address. Phone numbers can be found at and then clicking contact next to the Senators name.Please write or call each of these Senators and ask them to vote against this bill and to honor their commitment to the Sportsmen's they Caucus for.

There are 27 Senator's listed.

You will see that 2 of them actually sponsored this bill.

They need to hear from every sportsmen and women of the state, especially those from their districts, that they need to vote no on behalf of the sportsmen. Remind them that "The National Fraternal Order of Police, the New York Fraternal Order of Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the National Research Council, and even the California Police Chiefs Association all support further independent testing of the technology."

Additional problems with microstamping include:

A person could remove the firing pin in less than one minute.

A person could file off the serializing mechanism with simple household tools.

Microstamping may increase gun thefts, home invasions and other burglaries, and expand the black market in guns.

Negative fiscal impact to both the state and local municipalities since they need to purchase equipment to read gear codes of microstamping and also exorbitant increase in cost of firearms for law enforcement.

Please do not sit idly by and allow them to vote on this without speaking up. The future of handgun ownership in NY is at stake.

Rick McDermott
491 Albion Cross Rd
Pulaski, NY 13142 298-2221 home(315) 882-1540 cell

Senate Sportsmen Caucus Members

Aubertine, Darrel (D)
Bonacic, John (R)
Breslin, Neil (D) Sponsor
DeFrancisco, John (R)
Farley, Hugh (R)
Foley, Brian (D)
Griffo, Joseph (R)
Johnson, Owen (R)
Larkin, William (R)
LaValle, Kenneth (R)
Leibell, Vincent (R)
Libous, Thomas (R)
Little, Elizabeth (R)
Marcellino, Carl (R)
Maziarz, George (R)
McDonald, Roy (R)
Nozzolio, Michael (R)
Razenhofer, Michael (R)
Robach, Joseph (R)
Saland, Stephen (R)
Savino, Diane (D) Sponsor
Seward, James (R)
Stachowski, William (D)
Valesky, David (D)
Volker, Dale (R)
Winner, George (R)
Young, Catharine (R)

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