Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Albany so far off target they hit stupid

Look people it's the same hype used to promote and pass COBI$ into law a few years back. So far NY hasn't solved any crimes using that 32 million dollar black hole. But nooowwww we have another money pit to toss our tax dollars into. No budget so Albany will just spend it before it's in the bank. Hey, FYI this folks~ is all of New York's law enforcement going to give up their pistols? Ya know, all those semi-autos they own that are not Micro-stamp compliant as well.

From California 3 days ago part of an article about Albany~


“So what’s the problem with micro stamping?”—you might well ask. Consider this: If micro stamping were to become law, firearms manufacturers would be forced to employ a patented, sole-sourced technology that independent studies, including those from the National Academy of Sciences and the University of California at Davis, found to be flawed and easily defeated by criminals. (Have you heard of files? Apparently the state legislature hasn’t).

Next week’s article, New York Firearms manufacturing shut down moves to Georgia.

Bill Brookover


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