Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama coffee party is Chock Full of Nuts

I posted this on another blog. Yes its all mine, not stolen from someone else.

Isn't the Coffee Party "Chock Full of Nuts". Bombalone sold his followers a transparent Government.

He told them his product was better than the same old can of Joe. He then discontinued his product and is trying to sell us all an ol' can of mud.

Not all coffees are the same.
To get a good cup you need to roast the beans to perfection. BPB thinks Bombalone's beans were roasted a tad to long!

Regards~ BPB


cshunters32 said...

Why is it Obama's Coffee Party? How did you make that leap? It's easy to sling mud.

Where were you when it was ok in the 90's to outsource American Jobs? Where were the tea partiers then?

It's not the people this is the problem it's the system.

Politicians represent people, not plitical parties. Work toward that end and you'll get farther.

BlackPowderBill said...

Where was I in the 90's you ask , Raising all kinds of hell about outsourcing~ Before and after Clinton signed NAFA into law.
The question is, where was Obama & his supporters in the 70's-80's & 90's? They sure weren't stopping any of the outsourcing were they [he]!

BlackPowderBill said...

No you are incorrect, Politicians are supposed to represent the people. In reality they represent who gives them the most money, which is corporations. You need to take a few history courses.