Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hornady Great Plains bullets

Hornady Great Plains Bullets

I bought out all the Hornady Great Plains bullets from local warehouse on 3/5/2010.

These are the last I know of & are being offered at $10.00 per box. BPB can ship 2 boxes in a USPO small flat rate carton. Shipping is $5.00 no insurance. I could possibly remove the bullets from the manufacturing packaging and fit 40 or more bullets in the same USPO package. That's up to you.

For any order over $25.00 I.E. Insurance for 3 & upboxes will be a few dollars more which I require, unless you specify otherwise, USPO medium rate box shipping $15.00 in all the States for 3 boxes or more in original manufacturing packaging.

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In stock are:

6 bx 45 cal 285 gr hbhp Sold Mar. 10, 2010

15 bx 50 cal 385gr Sold Mar. 10 ,2010

5 bx 50 cal 385 gr hbhp

8 bx 54 cal 425 gr

1 bx 54 cal 385gr hbhp

13 bx 58 cal 525 gr hphb

I may have an odd box around from a previous order but these are the last of em.

This listing will read the same for all the Hornady Great Plains bullets.All auctions will be for 2 boxes of bullets Total for auctionwill be $25.00 that's $20.00 for the bullets and $5.00 for shipping.

Thanks for looking!


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