Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage magazines Gun World and American Rifleman

Before I offer these on Gunbroker you guys can have a shot at them 1st. A portion of the sales proceeds will go to SCOPE's PAC or the Nassau cty suit.
These are full years normally 12 magazines featuring Robert Stack and Steve McQueen and usually another actor. Some feature real firearms advice not all that black OPS stuff we see now days.

Flea-bay has listings for $3.99 and $4.99 for shipping or a $9.00 total for 1 magazine.
Magazines are in great shape, some handling marks or the occassional crib note. Stored in acid free magazine boxes. Price which includes shipping is $75.00 per year. Examples:
I also have a large collection of American Rifleman dating from 1938 some double years and all the WW2 years set in the leather magazine covers and in acid free boxes.
I've carried and cared for these magazines for well over some 30+ yrs. and will not be taking them with me when I retire. POR for the whole set , which I'll have to totsl up or single years.
Will let go single months if I have doubles.

Again a portion of the proceeds will go to SCOPE.
Price varies according to year.

Contact me off forum at my usualy address's.
All magazines will be listed on GB after the holiday.
As a tickler print this one out and the next time some legiscritter gripes about violent crime being out of control ask them just exactly what new law was suppose to work.
Thanks Bill

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