Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Senator Schneiderman - Senator Valesky

Subject: Meeting Senator Schneiderman - Senator Valesky

Senator Valesky organized today's meeting that was held for Senator Schneiderman to talk with a dozen concerned sportsmen / gun owners in Senator Valesky's area. Before the meeting, which was held at a sportsmen's club, Charlie Pace and I participated in a tour with the Senators and Senate staff to an archery/gun shop. At the shop many questions were asked about the procedures for sale and licenses to buy guns.

Discussion about lowering the age to hunt big game with a bow to 12 years old may have done some good, as Senator Schneiderman was surprised to learn that our state has a minimum draw weight for bows to make them legal to hunt big game with. He said he wished he knew that in 2008 when he opposed the bill.

The next stop was the sportsmen’s club and the range, where the senators and staff learned about muzzleloaders, handguns, rifles and shotguns and talked with the group of concerned sportsmen. Senator Schneiderman also had the opportunity to shoot both 50 and 54 caliber muzzleloaders. Then down to business of lunch and the meeting, where we were joined by Senator Aubertine.

Senator Schneiderman was very receptive to the comments made by everyone in attendance. Hopefully we have educated him and staff and we will have an ally to stop the anti-gun legislation that hurts only the law-abiding gunowners. This tour and meeting resulted from some of the talks I had with Senators Valesky, Schneiderman and Aubertine earlier this year.

Senator Schneiderman became the Chair of the Codes Committee this year; he is from Manhattan and was dealing with gun issues from an urban perspective. I had brought up the fact that the legislation he was sponsoring would hurt the sportsmen and gunowners from all over the state.

Senator Schneiderman said he would hold off on pushing the gun bills until he had a chance to get more facts, and it was decided that Senator Valesky would arrange a tour and meeting with sportsmen in his area for Senator Schneiderman.

Harold L. Palmer
New York State Conservation Council, Inc.

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