Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From the Desk of NY Senator Tom Libous

Looks like we escaped another near train wreck. BPB

From the Desk of Senator Tom Libous
August 4, 2009

Dear George [Franke],

We've managed to stop the micro-stamping and the pistol re-permitting bills - for now.

Bad bills like micro-stamping and pistol re-permitting and the irresponsible State Budget are why I proposed the historic rules changes on June 8th. And, while the news media may have said the Senate wasn't working, I was working to make sure that these bad bills didn't get put on the Senate agenda.

Those bills were going to be brought up for a vote by the New York City bosses later on in June.

While we stopped these anti-Second Amendment Rights bills for now, the New York City bosses will try again to pass them. They may not be on the agenda for Thursday's Session but they may be in September.

I'll keep working with the NRA, George Franke of the Adirondack-Catskill Safari Club International, William Gibson of the Shooters Committee on Political Education and Darryall Sprague of the Broome County Sportsmen's Federation to make sure that the New York City bosses know that they're wrong on these issues.

But we also need to keep working together. If you aren't registered to vote, please register by clicking here for the form. If you are, make sure you vote. And make sure that your hunting buddies are registered and vote too. That's the clearest way to send a message to the New York City bosses.

Stay in touch!

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