Thursday, June 25, 2009

NY Times opinion on Mexico and guns

The NY Slimes has another inflamatory article this week against American's and our guns. Yes, I know it is hard to imagine a newspaper that thrives on facts would print such horseshit then publish it for the world to read. What some business will do for $timlius and a little attention.

Here is the link to the article I've commented on.
Death and American Guns in Mexico

BPB comments:

If a gun show is unregulated then how do they trace anything back to that show?

Oh yeeaa how stupid of me! Jose told the feds he got it from Juan; who'ssister's brother Jeppe has a cousin on his mothers side that lives with hissister Maria's little bro-Mikie's white girlfriend Alysia who is pregnant withRubin’s little brothers baby who she'll name Jalapyo once they move out ofMaria's mother in laws house in San Luis.

This article is more than a load of CRAP, it borders on slander against privatedealers! Must be nice to have the papers money behind you so you can tell & printanything you want without fear of reprisal.How about we launch a fax-email and phone war against the times lets see howthey like our comments.

Mexico couldn't trace a slug across a concrete pad much less a firearm theypurchased for their crooked police & then sold to a brother in law the following week. List not in Spanish; give us a break will ya! Well hell no it ain't in Spanishit’s an AMERICA LIST! What's next, will Mexico complain this NYTimes opinion is not in Spanish?

Maybe for the Sunday edition this editor can do a spot on:
Mexico, their drugs in America.


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