Friday, January 30, 2009

SCOPE in Albany Senator Nozzolio

Some Success with The SCOPE Albany Trip
· Senator Nozzolio to submit a bill to cancel CoBIS program in face of NYS budget deficit.
· Assemblyman Steve Hawley called me to today to say he would follow through on my request that he submit companion legislation in the assembly to support this effort.
· Keith Kapple (Yates co.) currently working on his assemblyperson(s) as well.
· Most common response when I asked Albany legislators to read our letter: "Oh, I've seen this!"
·I know this is a small achievement considering the onslaught of anti-2A bills we currently face, and the bill has not yet reached the floor for a vote, but this would be a nice feather in SCOPE's cap.

Senator Nozzolio did not mention that any other 2A group was involved on this issue (does not mean that we acted alone, but perhaps so).

Thanks to Keith Keppel for the original letter and campaign and B.P.Bill for getting it published,I enjoyed working with you on this. Maybe we did some good.

We will continue the letter writing campaign to increase pressure Albany.

Christopher Lane

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