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Antis running NY DEC? BPB was right !

This is going to be a looong read. So get your coffee and toss another log in the fire.
Read this 1st~
http://www.thedailymail.org/articles/2009/01/17/sports/sports1.txt Sportsmen have something to cackle about

By Dick Nelson Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

There’s been a lot of back slapping and high-fives going around the Internet since Gov. David Paterson sent out a directive to halt the closure of the Reynolds Game Farm in Ithaca (Tompkins County). Andrightly so. I can’t remember another issue that galvanized sportsmenas much as Paterson’s decision to close the farm and discontinue the pheasant program.Sportsmen have been up in arms since the directive to close the farmwas issued in mid-December, but the fact of the matter is, Paterson would have never reversed his decision if he and state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commission Alexander “Pete” Grannis hadn’t been served with a temporary restraining order (TRO).Initiated by the Conservation Alliance of New York (CANY), and the NewYork State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA), the TRO, signed byAlbany County Supreme Court Judge Eugene Devine on Friday, placed aninjunction on the closing of Reynolds Game Farm, as well as the removalor destruction of the birds from the facility.That was the same day Paterson, or should I say Judith Enck - hisDeputy Secretary for the Environment, and the woman who instigated theclosing - had a change of heart.Coincidence? I think not.

Right up until Tuesday Enck and company had been firm in their decision to close the farm, telling New York State Conservation Council president Harold Palmer that the pheasants will be disposed of and there will be no talks about the purchase of birds, either day-old chicks or adults,to be released.At the time, the 8,000 or so remaining breeder birds had been scheduled to be processed and distributed to food banks in Central New York.Oddly enough, Enck’s husband, Mark Dunlea, is the Executive Directorof the Hunger Action Network of New York State - a statewide anti-hunger coalition. He is also a co-founder of New York Public Interest ResearchGroup, an environmental organization that has close ties to the HumaneSociety of the United States (HSUS) and where Enck worked as a Senior Environmental Associate before going to work for Eliot Spitzer as his environmental policy advisor when the disgraced governor was the stateAttorney General.Another coincidence? You be the judge. I just hope that her $159,984salary isn’t paid out of the Conservation Fund.And this just may be just another coincidence, but I found it extremely strange that the letter HSUS sent to Commissioner Grannis congratulating him on the closing of the pheasant farm was dated and received prior tothe official announcement.

It’s been obvious since the Democrats took over the governorship that Enck is running the DEC, and Grannis - as much as he would like to thinkotherwise - is only a figurehead. That is a shame, because despite allof the controversy surrounding his appointment, he’s gained somerespect. However, the only way sportsmen can ever be certain that the fish and wildlife programs that have been with us since the days of the old Conservation Department will be there for future generations is to rallyfor a separate Department of Natural Resources.

Then, if there is a need for special stamps to support our programs, wewill at least know it is justified. Right now we don’t know how ourmoney is being spent, and trying to get the information from either the DEC or the Division of Budget is like trying to catch fish without bait.In fact you’d probably have a better chance of getting Judy Enck to go pheasant hunting. The numbers they provide the Conservation Fund Advisory Board are neverup to date, which doesn’t give this watch dog group much to go on.

Just about every other state in the country has a Department of NaturalResources or a Natural Resource Commission, and while many of them arestruggling financially, they, unlike New York, don’t haveenvironmentalists making decisions that affect their programs.

In Friday’s announcement the governor requested that DEC develop afee structure that will generate new revenues to the Conservation Fund -one that would fully offset the operational and capital costs of thefacility.

This may or may not have been pre determined, inasmuch as the NYSCCboard of directors has suggested a $20 pheasant stamp, which makes mewonder if this whole pheasant fiasco wasn’t a ruse to get additional money from us, and the NYSCC board of directors fell for it hook, line and pheasant tail.

BPB comment on the last paragraph~ Or maybe some of those strutting around today as big heros should have listened to me in the 90's & in 2004 about the antis & the DEC. Nah that's right they were not intrested in animal rights. LMAO
Then again Grannis did tells us the farm was gone in September and no one picked up on it~
So when ya'll gonna get on the wagon with the other cuts and increases?
The most interesting thing about this for me is the fact that the attorney that filed this action, Robert Firriolo, is the same attorney the NRA has no faith in regarding the Nassau Co. Gun Ban legal action. Seems to me that someone at the NRA speaks with forked tongue!

LMAO it gets deeper yet!

Oddly enough, Enck's husband, Mark Dunlea, is the Executive Director
of the Hunger Action Network of New York State - a statewide anti-
hunger coalition. He is also a co-founder of New York Public Interest Research Group, an environmental organization that has close ties to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and where Enck worked as a Senior Environmental Associate before going to work for Eliot Spitzer as his environmental policy advisor when the disgraced governor was the state Attorney General.

My comments~
LMAO ~ NYPRIG was Obie’s 1st job ~ Senator Obama’s Role as a NYPIRG Project Coordinator. As mentioned in his autobiography, Dreams for My Father, Senator Obama was hired in his first job as an organizer as a “Project Coordinator” in February 1985 to run NYPIRG’s office at the City College of New York. Till his classes finished 3 months later.

As far as Mark Dunlea’s connection to the food bank he has been feeding the hungry for many years. * Helping others is an honorable thing to do. Naturally a nice paycheck makes you feel better as well.
However, his wife should have known better than to just donate state property as is implied in the article and in Internet chatter.
Oddly enough this brings a serious question I have to ask a friend.
He also may want to know that the direction the antis have taken are similar to another topic we discussed last week.

I’ve found the HSUS & animal ties at this link and once you look at the 1st page I dare anyone to tell me they were on top of NY politics, especially those who stuffed it in my face a few years ago as being the heartbeat of the pulse in NY’s sportsmen’s causes.
The single mindedness, a few of us tired to expose were shot down by arrogant self-centered people. If they arrogants would have spent their time looking at who was who in NY we might have had a heads up as to who these people were and their cross ties.

I tried in vain to do as much cross-reference & research as possible but never found this connection till this news article. If I would have had my question, (which was what is Enck’s husband’s name); answered when it was 1st mentioned that Enck’s husband was to obtain the pheasants I would have published the ties I found tonight weeks ago.
Damm I may be out in space with my thoughts here but “DANG” anyone care to tell me different? Doesn’t it look it like a gathering of every “text book” example of environmental loonies to you guys?
Yea we save a game farm all right and what else is in store for us anyone care to answer?

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