Friday, September 5, 2008

SSDD concealed carry in New York

Here is a question that comes up from time to time at various sportsmen meetings across the state.
It has been beat to death with varing degree's of agreement.
Couple questions came up at our monthly meeting last night and no one was really sure of the answers - appreciate some input.

I thought that if licensed to carry in NY you must carry concealed. Open carry is not permitted other than in a hunting situation.

Again, given a carry license, if your handgun is in the vehicle must it be on your person if loaded?

BPB reply:
Ken ,(; is correct!
Concealed means concealed! [bpb]A gun case, jacket pocket or locked container for transportation.
"Open carry is not permitted other than in a hunting situation."+++
I'd like to see that in writing. We discuss this issue every year.

When I was attending the hunter education instructor classes back in the 90's there were 50 different arguments and this was from law enforcement in the class as well. At that time I had asked for a definition for hunting from the state DEC. I'm till waiting & I figure I'll be dead before a WRITTEN reply is made.

A few years back an eager ECO was handing out tickets for hunters carrying their pistols on the outside of their clothing.

During the same time frame a DEC LEO put out a memo to arrest fathers for "endangering the welfare of a child" for having children a field. This was spurred by a pissed off EX-spouse causing trouble against the old man.

A friend was at Sears in Greece and a clerk spotted his pistol under his jacket. Security was called and he was detained and arrested. He had forgotten his permit & wallet at home. It cost him $1,000.00 in attorney fees , of which the atty. did nothing for the payment.
My friend got his stuff in order after I became involved.

I had a phone call once where 2 guys were discussing firearms at a store checkout counter. The clerk called the police and reported them. They were stopped while driving, detained, searched & harassed.
No charges were ever made, even though the cop at the scene was trying to come up with some.
Oh yea and the real kicker, they had no firearms on them or in the truck! I told them to file official complaints in writing.

It only takes one butt hole to ruin your day!

Remember my saying; You're already a criminal, you just haven't been arrested yet.

Regards BPB

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