Monday, September 1, 2008

Festival of the Centuries

Festival of the Centuries Sept 13th and 14th at the St Marie's Among the Iroquois. It is a living museum which has a working forge and carpenter shop and a lot of history right in our back yard. The Civil War reanactors, Medieval and others will be there.
It is a great spot to encourage the muzzleloading org up. Last week end they had Roy Underhill (a famous woodworker) they have many crafts men to sell and show there trade. I believe it would open many a door to our rendezvous and fun. Anyone interested in setting up to renact can set up and stay the night I heard Saturday night was best with food and music and sleeping in the buildings is possible.
My plan in the future there is to build a teepee with the scouts and many other projects like hawk throwing, archery a day camp this Aug. They are part of the Onondaga Parks system so we can do great things in our own back yard and have fun.
I will be there set up and doing our thing. If youʼd like to visit or join me, the boys, just drop by. There is a fee to get in unless you are participating in a group.
If anyone would like more information call me Allison Smith 652-7093 email me or go online.
Hope to see you there,

The NYSMLA will have a few folks set up. Stop in and see what we do!

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