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Muzzle Loader Rifle by W. Arthur Huscusson, Franklin NC.,Percussion ,rifle 40 cal ,45 cal,Muzzleloader,2 barrels,



Video Rifle

W. Arthur Huschsson Franklin NC. Built this rifle in 1975 using parts from Thompson Center & other sources- Arthur Lived & worked in Lawrenceville, GA for 40 years.

Arthur is featured in the book FOXFIRE  5 as I have pictured for your viewing enjoyment-

This is a 2 barrel set 40 & 45 cal Barrels may be from Numrich arms-key works in this comment are “may & be”. Unknown a strong possibility

Sellers opinion-Both barrels are in nice condition. Bores have some discoloration but no rough spots noticed when I ran an oiled patch in and out. Over all I’d rate these at 90% not counting faded coloration.

32” Long with Fixed sights

Nice stock features brass furniture with the exception of the trigger guard-good stripe Stock was broken at the wrist back in 1989 at a match –it was knocked over off the rack and fell on the concrete.

Has been repaired –decades ago

 TC Percussion Lock is clean and operates as designed

Sellers note: I removed the lock and triggers cleaned out the glue-added a small wedge of leather under the trigger plate to help keep the trigger plate from contacting the sear. You have to set the trigger group prior to cocking the hammer. –That’s as far as I’ll go as I’m consigned to sell not make repairs- You can do more if you like.

IMPO I’d replace the trigger guard-

Shipping will be 55-75$ depending on final sales price and location. 

I ship UPS 90% of the time if you prefer another shipper prices will most likely be more.

Local pick up OK 

Thanks for looking 

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