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1873 32/20 Winchester Serial Number 250202B Mfg. 1888+-

 1873 32/20 Winchester

Serial Number 250202B Mfg. 1888+-

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Consignment Sale:

This rifle has been refinished-blued ect.

Bore is frosted-rough- rifling is present the owner shot this back years ago. Since then it has been a safe Queen.

23-1/2” bbl +-

12-1/2” LOP +-

43” OAL+-

Dust cover is a tad loose stock has chips & dings typical of a firearm this age. Pictures were hard to get to come out due to the dark over all coloring.

Action cycles- I did not check for fire function or cartridge feed.  All the older firearms I offer need a good tear down , cleaning & inspection. All I do as the seller is wipe the outside and run a few oiled patches down the bore.

Magazine tube has a few dents & scratches-oldrust Frame as you can see has some discoloration possibibly corrosion chemical age. Over al lit's good condition IMO your mileage may differ. 

Payment Money Order Accompanied by a FFL license-

The FFL may email me a copy of their license. BPBRS email can be found on the order invoice. Purchasers ensure your contact information is correct-

Shipping cost will be $45-55.00 depending on your ocation and final cost.

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