Sunday, December 5, 2021

SOLD Black Powder Custom 54 cal. Percussion RH Rifle circa 1977

 Up for sale is one of my personal rifles. Built by a gentleman from Rochester NY. His name is on the lock. He was a personal friend and fellow BP shooter. Master carpenter by trade, bow & canoe builder.

 I've owned this rifle for ?+- 20 years. It shoots fantastic-has won me many matches and lots of meat!

Load is 70 gr 3f or 80gr 2f Goex Hodgdon Triple 7 is a good alternative very accurate more energy-

530 ball is easier to load- but a 535 dia. will bring you to one hole at 50 yards using a 18-20ths patch with a water based lube.

Barrel 1" x 32" Barrel mfg by Peterson or Petersen [sp]
Weight just over 8 pounds
52" OAL +-
Stock fore end has a sweet pewter nose cap
Double wedges
Stock has Beautiful reddish color with exceptional wood grain
Nice rounded drop on the comb allows for fast cheek weld and sight alignment picture.
Double trigger group 14"+- LOP
Brass furniture
Under rib is soldered on as are the pipes
Just before the front sight I have cut in hatching lines to help cut glare

One draw back which is nothing- a crack developed in front of the barrel tang above where the lock plate screw goes thru. As pictured! I glass bedded the area and part of the barrel channel. YES the barrel can be removed for cleaning!

Wood half stock is from Homer Dangler's shop. The builder would purchase 10 barrels varying calibers and wood to make up rifles from 36 to 54 cal.

Wood & barrel purchase info from the builder-
 This rifle will out live all of us if taken care of!

Price is $800.00 plus shipping of a min of $40.00 If sold on an auction then sales tax will be extra.

This is rifle is of exceptional value & Accurate I don't own a muzzleloader that isn't accurate or spot on where it is pointed at!


FFL 36 years Veteran owned Muzzle Loader shooter since 1969

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