Sunday, March 14, 2021

Components Stock Outlook for Next Week.

 This short note is from my main components source. Since Jerry NE went-er was run out of business I was forced to find new sources. However they don't carry what Jerry's had.

 Attached is the items currently available to sell. If it is not on this list, we do not have it.

Incoming so far in March has been very solid and we have processed quite a few backorders. However, we have not made enough progress to change the status of primers or powder backorders at this time. We will continue to evaluate and let you know through these email updates when this changes for powder/primers.

Yep that's it and the attached page was 3/4 filled with components of which 1/3rd is plastic ammo boxes.

I have some items here, no primers a little powder and bullets.

See picture for upcoming O'Biden policies.

Regards Bill


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