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For Sale_Magpul PMAG 30 AR-15 Gen M2 MOE 5.56 Magazine - Black


13$ each- 10 mag shipped for $145.00 usps flat rate.

Note the restricted sales below. 

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Magpul PMAG 30 AR-15 Gen M2 MOE 5.56 Magazine - Black



The Magpul PMAG 30 Gen M2 MOE magazine is a 30 round magazine designed for 5.56 caliber AR-15 and M4 style rifles. This polymer magazine offers many improvements over typical aluminum USGI magazines. The polymer construction is impact resistant and easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. The flared floor plate and textured surface allow for fast and positive magazine extraction. With a stainless steel follower spring and anti-tilt follower, this AR mag is extremely reliably in a variety of conditions. The polymer follower also has self-lubricating properties to keep it running smoothly no matter how dirty gets. Even the geometry of the magazine was considered to ensure that rounds are kept at the correct angle to prevent them from getting stuck while feeding. Magpul magazines are top of the line when it comes to reliability and are a great option for any AR-15 carbine.




         Optimized for use with Colt-SPEC AR-15/M4 firearms

         Impact and crush resistant polymer construction

         Constant-curve internal geometry

         Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower

         Long life USGI-SPEC stainless steel spring

         Textured gripping surface

         Flared floorplate

         Made in the U.S.A.


This affordable AR magazine is a part of the MOE line of Magpul accessories and components. The Magpul Original Equipment line was designed to provide you with high quality, affordable weapon components that perform better than the standard. The best part is they are made right here in the United States.


Magpul continues to grow and develop based on innovation, simplicity, and efficiency. At Magpul, mission driven requirements inform their product design, materials, and manufacturing, focusing on efficiency without sacrificing quality or performance.


Magazine Restriction Policy

Certain U.S. jurisdictions restrict firearm magazines sales. Magpul Industries cannot process sales/shipments prohibited by law. A list of states and municipalities restricting firearm magazine sales is available here.


California        Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

Colorado         Prohibits magazines over 15 rounds

Connecticut     Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

Hawaii Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

Maryland         Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

Massachusettes            Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

New Jersey      Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

New York        Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

Vermont          Prohibits rifle magazines over 10 rounds and handgun magazines over 15 rounds

D.C.    Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds


Four local governments have laws restricting magazine capacity:

Boulder, CO   Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

Aurora, IL       Prohibits magazines over 15 rounds

Cook County, IL         Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds

Deerfield, IL   Prohibits rifle magazines over 10 rounds

**Note: On April 2, 2019, the city of Pittsburgh, PA passed a city ordinance banning the use of magazines in public spaces. The ordinance includes a prohibition on sales of magazines over 10 rounds but due to state preemption laws, this section will not go into effect until such a ban is made permissible by the State Supreme Court or General Assembly. These laws may change at any time and it is exclusively the customer’s responsibility to understand and comply with the applicable legal regulations. Please contact Customer Support if you are attempting to complete a purchase under a qualified exemption (I.e. certain jurisdictions exempt law enforcement and military personnel from restrictions)



1. The case Duncan v. Becerra, (Case No.: 3-17-CV-1017-BEN-JLB) is currently active and focuses on the constitutionality of CA’s magazine ban. On March 29th a judge’s ruling allowed for sales of +10 magazines. However, effective April 5, 2019 (5:00 pm), the same judge issued a stay prohibiting ongoing sales of +10 magazines while the case is considered by the courts. The stay only applies to sales but keeps in place the earlier stay allowing possession of +10 magazines.

2. Local laws are not included in this list if the state law is more restrictive.

3. Overrides less restrictive municipal magazine limits (i.e., Chicago, Oak Park, Riverdale, etc.).

PROP 65 Notices

WARNING: Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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