Saturday, February 1, 2020

Another Firearms/Ammo Distributor Going Out of Business Williams Shooter Supply

So I log into my account today, Saturday February 1, 2020 and see this pop-up for about a second. I scrolled thru the pictures and captured it.

 No email to notify me-
Now I ask why are they going under? Is it the same management style that caused Jerry's to fold up.

Regardless of what distributor I use or who folds up shop, I'm still working on my end 35 years now.  Sad news indeed this does explain why the cartridge inventory was kind of empty. I figured it was inventory time and in the spring more items would be available. 

So I still have a few muzzle loader rifles on hand with more coming in ever few months. They are 2 new in box Lyman GPR RH flintlocks priced at 600$ each.
CVA Silver Wolf 1-38 twist looks great! 275$
Will make you a fine slug gun for Deer/Bear? 
It's up to you

                          T/C Renegade Like new was a wall hanger!
     TC Renegade and CVA pistol numbered & stamped 1984 Louisianian Expo   commemorative with Engraved Western 49H Bowie knife.  
Wall display board to hang them all on.  800$ 

^^A TC Hawken 50 cal percussion 400$ includes many extras. Like a leather fringed scabbard with TC logo. Leather sling with QD swivles. TC Manual. Peep sight(aperture is missing) No doubt removed for hunting. ^^

Shipping is extra on all items.

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