Tuesday, January 21, 2020

For Sale: SOLD Hawken Thompson Center 25 yr Anniversary 1970-1995

That's correct I have a 50 cal percussion right hand TC Hawken up for sale.

 The muzzle bore appears to have been coned by a previous owner.
 The Rifle stock has some handling marks, bore is great condition. Lock and triggers work well. Inside of lock has little to no wear marks which indicates very little use.
 Leather sling and swivels. 
  Has a rear tang peep sight the apeture is missing.

  I sell these rifles for $350.00 you're getting well over $100 in extras!

  Price is $360.00 shipping is extra cost depends on your location. You can figure at a min 40$ insured
 Local pick up OK.


Yes that is a leather fringed scabbard with a TC branded logo.

Aperture is missing on the peep sight. I figure it was removed for hunting

YEA a manual from talk on the internet some of you need to read one!

Thanks for looking!  Regards, BlackPowderBill

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