Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Muzzle Loader Cost spend Wisely


Price is only 25-50 dollars more for a flint. Same with used depends on your area. Caps, a tin is now 7$ to 9$ in a box store. T/C's Renegade avg sale price is 250$

Hawken 45-50 350$ 54 maybe 400$ is in really nice condition. 36-45 Seneca's 400$ and up towards 600$. 1:66 RB barrel an easy 225$ used in good condition.

Barrels 125-200$.

Locks 75-100 avg.

 Stocks bare 75-100 stock trimmed out 200$ plus.

Sights front and rear up to 50$ for both. 

 A CVA Mountain rifle with the American barrel 400$ up. Spanish barrel 300-350. Any big bore 54-58 will always bring premium price if in good condition. 

 Pawn shop finds in good condition are far and few between in my area ,(Athens GA). When I do come across a ML'r the first thing I do it test the lock then run a patch down the bore. If either one fails my price drops by 80$+ off the sellers asking fee.

  Like Glenn May mentioned , prices are getting higher. This is cause so many guys are willing to spend 1500-2 grand on a "custom" kit rifle. Soon the market will be flooded with 1500 dollar guns that at re-sale will bring maybe 1000$ and if a tad dirty or un-cared for 6-700$.

 A production so called high end runs around 750 1200$. Lyman's 600-750$--Traditions 400-750$. I have here a Mills percussion upland fowler 12 bore. The bore is a tad sketchy being a London fine twist. However it still looks better than most muzzle loaders I see that aren't near 180 years old. And it shoots!  The question you have to ask yourself is. How much will I be shooting this gun?  Hunting and a little target practice or hunting & light competition? Competition only? You get what you pay for.

  Most importantly you get what you put into it. A clean kept up 400$ gun is worth more than a hand built 2000$ one that looks like a sewer pipe on a fence post. 


 BPB FFL 35+ years cast my first RB at the age of 14/49 years ago. That's my opinion, your mileage may differ.

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