Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thompson Center & Hawken Rifles For Sale

NOTE: The TC barrels & rifle have SOLD:

Pictured below are Stocks and Barrels of T/C's Invest Arms and a custom build in 54 cal. The custom build is possibly a Invest Arms Hawken style Half Stock that appears to be unfired. I found a AL build date after posting this information. Updated April 24 , 2018
 Available 375$ 

SOLD These will be cross post listed.
TC 29" bbl

 54 cal 32" bbl

TC Hawken 54
Still For Sale with 50 cal bbl MAY 2018

Cabela's 54 Hawken Style


Cabelas with 54 cal Invest Arms bbl

TC Hawken

TC Hawken

TC Hawken
TC 54 

You're looking at 2 rifles a Cabela's 54 Hawken style and a T/C 54 Hawken[SOLD]. The Cabela's has 2 barrels that will fit it. A 50 & [54 SOLD]  The T/C Has 2 barrels as well. The 54 cal 32 " 1.66 twist for round ball and the 54 29" 1.48

Take one barrel or both. Cabelas is priced at $375.00 with the second barrel $500.00.

You pick what barrel you want on the rifle.

SOLD TC price with the 1.66 $425.00 Second barrel $550.00 Shipping will be a min of $25.00

 Second Barrels separately priced at:
Invest Arms 50 or 54 cal $175.00
T/C 54 29" $175.00
T/C 54 32" 1.66  $200.00

Bores are in great condition. The barrels have a bit of freckling and small corrosion spots. Nothing that hinders operation all cosmetic. Both of these appear to have had very little use. Just a few handling marks from being moved around.

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