Thursday, June 8, 2017

Public Range Discussion, Re-loads & Home Built Firearms

Yesterday while I and others observed range safety take a back seat to one cleaning his race rifle. I.E.=Race Rifle a highly machined firearm that is shot from a rest which can also be used on a horizontal mill machine. We discussed public range brass finds. I haven't shot at a public range in decades.

The discussion was finding 380 brass that was all blown out. Apparently having been fired in a 9mm chamber. Other brass findings , blown out casings,cracked, bolt face impressions over head stamps, and primers that were peirced by firing pins.
This leads us to a startling conclusion, many Youtube reloading practices and firearms builds by people are down right dangerious.
 How'd you like to purchase a firearm that was worked on by an individual who watched Youtube videos to gain his gunsmithing experiences? Better yet make a purchase of one that was repeadedly abused by the loading of incorrect cartridges or overcharged re-loads.

 IMO: Beware of the great deal being offered on used firearms these days.
Hey, That's my opinon yours may differ.

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