Monday, April 10, 2017

Manufactures in Layoff Mode

The five top firearms and ammo manufactures are in layoff mode. Cycling again through the boom & bust political climate. Prices have dropped in some cases to over 60% of MSRP prices from the summer of 2016.
 IMO many AR platform receivers are being dumped by everyone who wanted their name on one. I have to ask if they are being manufactured off shore? Components , if you have a favorite cartridge ,brass of bullet you better order plenty as I for see many being dropped from manufacture production.
Another side is all the dealers IE; local folk, new sutlers who jumped on the I can sell that wagon are foundering. So far I can't get one distributor to respond to a request for more re-man cartridges. Several who I have dealt with no longer have a active web site.
The Constant barrage of dealers offering me all kinds of black carbine add on's and build kits has over whelmed my 3 email address's.
Lots of spray and pray cartridges are out. Firearms manufactures have created a branded line of cartridges. Many of them are defensive in nature. Accuracy is not in those boxes! Inexpensive cartridges manufactured to be burned up for a fun day of shooting. Defensive cartridge are to be used in close combat situations.
Not for shooting down the street or IMO past the length of the hall in your home.

Regards, BPB

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