Friday, September 30, 2016

Appears the Presidential Debate Skert a Few Folks??! They are Selling out.....

Appears the debate has skert a few folks?

First email from a subscribed forum today read. I'm Getting Out of Reloading !! Lead for sale!  LOL

As I read down the list some of the older guys are sorting and moving odd & ends parts from older equipment. A few really nice old Pacific "C" press's. Of which I already have 2. Much of what I'm seeing is over priced considering these guys picked the brass and other things up at the range or flea market sales. 

 Lots of muzzle loaders showing up 90% of them are Thompson Centers. Two in particular, both percussion a first gen T/C 45 and a Renegade 54 with a round ball barrel. Both are demanding $400.00 . Which isn't a bad price considering the new Lyman Great Plains is pulling around seven bills $.

I have a like new T/C 50 flint for sale @ $500.00 shipped includes a few accoutrements.  The Belgium SxS ML percussion I was offering is moving to a new home next week. The Crescent 12 ga SxS is still up for grabs.
I purchased the Crescent from Norm's Covered Wagon in Chula Vista, Ca. back in 1978 or 79. The SxS is nothing special just a hardware store shotgun, sporting 30" Full & Full bores.  Norm had one of the best collections of Volcanic's, Winchester's, Henry's and Marlin's I have ever seen still to this day.  

Had a kid come by this week with a Traditions White Tail ML'er. The trigger was broken. I found a trigger group for under $30.00 ...Cept' the rifle bore looked like it had been on the bottom of the ocean. RUINED it was. He replied ,"I didn't know you had to clean them if they were just sitting". Hard lesson learned seeing he had 200$ into the rifle & had never shot it. I ran the bronze brush in and out and patches saturated with CRC Power Lube. All this action accomplished was to loosen some crud and cut every patch.  In the end I told him to cut his losses & sell the parts on Ebay.

Visited the office yesterday afternoon.

Shot a Marlin Mod. 39a 22LR. The rifle shoots well but the extractor needs replacing. Had quite a few spent cases not extract. Left the rim-fire range and headed over to the 400 yd. range. Set up the I-bolt thirdy ought six. Ran a target out to 100 yards.  1st 2 shots on paper hit high by 2" and a tad to the left , both were touching. I had been tossing 150-165 & 180gr rounds out to 400yds in an attempt to hit the gong. The 3rd & 4th shot on paper when high left , still in the black. The barrel was HOT.

The conclusion is~ IMO : Yours may differ...Hunting rifles can't take the loads I shoot more than 3 or 4 in quick succession.  

Regards , BPB

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