Wednesday, December 30, 2015

U.S. Flat Rate Postal Rates to Increase in 3 weeks!

U.S. Flat Rate Postal Rates to Increase in 3 weeks!

 As some of you may know the USPS flat rate boxes are going to increase & a few products are going to end in a few weeks. I have several hundred to thousand 9mm,357,40,45LC,45ACP,.223, brass, jacketed handgun and rifle bullets as well as lead bullets. Muzzle Loader round ball , Hornady and Speer.

  I'd like to get as much product moved out as possible before the increase takes effect.
I do accept PayPal for equipment & components sales with a 3% additional fee.

 Visit my GB auctions and bid. Follow the instructions, contact me immediately after bidding. I'll invoice you via PayPal , once the item[s] are paid for so they will ship the next day.
Other payments are money orders or bank check your choice.

 Payment by these has to be here in my hands in 5 days! 

 Sales tax required for GA sales.

Please visit my auctions at GunBroker under BPBreloading.

 Regards, BPB…>BPBReloading Firearms & Brass n’ Bullets for Sale at

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