Saturday, November 14, 2015

If your looking for reasonable priced ammo I have limited amounts of this on hand. 9mm~50 cartridges per box 124 gr 9mm 30 boxes.

380 ACP

  115gr 9mm,40 S&W , 45ACP FMJ & 230 gr HP
 600 -223 62 gr Green tip $300.00 includes ammo can & spoons .
 Willing to separate @ $5.40 per 10 round clip.
 223 55gr FMJ @ .54c each.
30-06 are $27.50 per box inc. sales tax.
 300WM are $33.00.
Also have 308-25/06-243-7mm-280- Winchester and Federal standard hunting loads.
12ga~16ga~20ga~.410 slugs and shot shells

ETR7 Pistol and 12 ga  Powder $18.00 per pound. (ETR Powder is the Spanish CSB used in Rio munitions)

 Email me and I'll send you a price list. Regards, BPB

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