Friday, October 9, 2015

22 Long Rifle Ammo~ Continues to be Elusive

A 3 year drought of 22lr was preventable if you had  planned properly.

A comment I made on a forum today:

As a FFL I'm getting all kinds of flyers on what a great deal I can get.  NOT at .10c or more per round.
 $500.00 for 5k case. And what do I charge? 30% mark up doesn't even sound reasonable.
One outfit wants to sell me a bucket of 1400 Remington Thunderduds for $139.00. While China Mart has the same bucket priced @ $69.00.

 I've been telling guys to start down loading their smaller center fire cartridges.

Heck you could purchase a HR 357 rifle. Load & shoot 38's and still be under the $500.00 per case price.

Take your 38 brass and reload it with you home poured 38's. A pinch of powder and primer and I figure not including you equipment cost, a person could load 6,000 38's for $300.00.

Regards BPB

PS. If you need those components or a simple reloading single stage press. Please contact me. I can help you through the process.

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