Monday, July 27, 2015

50 cal Douglas XX barrel and LEFT HAND Stock For Sale

I'm not a lefty so it has no use here.

Picture ~ its the little one on the left. Large ML is SOLD

This was not one of mine I picked the pair up last year. Don't know anything about this one here other than what I've written

This is a bench gun IMO: It would make a good offhand rifle for a large man

1.124+- dia
 Douglas XX with false muzzle,
 fluted bbl. weight appx 7.25 pounds
AND was in a left handed stock.
50 cal
don't know the twist it "could be a slug gun" 
barrel is 36" long
Stock is 34" long
DBL Triggers
Manton back action left  hand lock & stock are available total package is $600.00
Bore is in great condition for it's age.
I pulled it apart to clean, so you'll get it in pieces if you take the whole ML

Date in stock in 1967 additional mark is No. 28

You could plug the hole on the left side and redrill to make it a right handed barrel.
It needs some TLC
No sights you'll have to install your own.
$600.00 PLUS shipping

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