Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Reloading components For Sale: Powder,Bullets,Primers,Brass and Cartridges

Powder for sale:
5lb jug of RL7 $130.00
2lbs IMR 4895 30.00 each
4lbs IMR 4227 30.00 each
2 lbs HS6 30.00 each
All prices include sales tax
Contact me via email at blackpowderbill@yahoo.com

I have available 10 boxes each of the about listed calibers. Expansion Industries remanufactured cartridges. All Jacketed RN

  All prices include sales tax.
Good ID required to purchase.
No one under 21 years of age.
45ACP 230 Gr RN $19.00
40S&W $13.00
50 rounds 40S&W 155GR. RN cartridges.
9mm $12.00
50 rds 115gr RN
380 50 RDS 100 gr RN

Also available factory cartridges in the above calibers.
Not at the same prices.

45ACP Federal 230gr JHP $30.00 50 cartridges
Email is the best way to contact me.

Remington 40 cal. 155gr Jacketed HP & fired brass also Virgin 40 Cal Brass fir working up that critical load. Local sale ETR7 Pistol, 12ga Shotgun & reduced load rifle powder. @ $20.00 per pound.

3 Lee 223 sets in stock these include: Load data; Powder Dipper; Shell holder; Seat ;FL and Neck sizing dies. @ $45.00 per set

Https://www.facebook.com/photo.php… came across a CVA Mountain Rifle last week. It is new in the box side flag tag dated 3/21/1979 50 cal Percussion.

Browned steel furniture & Barrel. Pewter nose cap. Includes the CVA starter kit. $450.00 shipped lower 48 .

5 -R30302 Remington 30-30 Win 170gr Core-Lokt SP Ammo per box 20.00
5 -R308W1 Remington 308 Win 150gr Core-Lokt PSP Ammo per box $26.00
5 -X30061 Winchester SuperX 3006 cal 150 gr PP per box $25.00
3 -X30WM1 Winchester 300 Win Mag 150gr PP per box $31.00
10- 45D Federal 45 ACP 230gr JHP (50ct) Ammo per box $33.00...
2 -243AS Federal 243 Winchester 80gr Speer Hot-Cor SP Ammo per box $25.00


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