Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Weaving Welshman Straps ~Belts for waist , horn & bag.

About Lynn

With the strong influence of the Deep South and a Welsh heritage rooted into Lynn’s background it is no wonder he is down to earth and has a quiet inner strength that runs deep.

Lynn’s Blevens descendents originate from Wales, (known for their weaving skills) and settled in the Kentucky and Tennessee area.  The most widely known Blevins descendent is William Blevins one of the original Long Hunters was on the first journey through the Cumberland Gap.  This was even before Daniel Boone’s party.

There were two particular Blevins brothers in Kentucky that somehow managed to pick a fight with each other that was so bad it ended with Lynn’s side leaving the Kentucky area, moving to Missouri, and changing the spelling of his last name from Blevins to Blevens. 

Lynn lives in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho with his new wife Dorothy who was also his long time friend from the seventh grade on.  Being engaged to be married at one time in their mid twenties they parted ways.  The two reconnected after being apart for thirty years and the bond was still there.  It is a true love story.  The two beagles, Shlomo and Samuel, round out the family.

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