Monday, August 11, 2014

BlackPowderBill ~ Tell Me Again Who Was First?

When Thompson Center first came out with the Encore Muzzle Loader. BlackPowderBill's Reloading Supplies had the first sale in Rochester ,NY. Months before the other Firearms dealers did. I sold two rifles , they were special order , I had my name on T/C's dealer list to receive the first batch out the door.

Back in the early or mid 1980's when I joined the Shooters Committee on Political Education I'd pick up propaganda from SCOPE Monroe county chairman Steve DeMallie. I'd take this material to every gun club and gun shop in Wayne County.
  I witnessed another individual receive an award for being the first to do this in Wayne County???

 So many people have done so much, yet others forget to mention who it was that first approached them on the subject.  I'm not saying they haven't promoted the cause ...I'm stating the facts.

I once took anti George Pataki signs to the gun clubs in Wayne county in protest of his 5-points firearms ban. A few clubs refused to post them in public ...They were afraid it would offend some of the members and local politicians.  So please tell me again who's on our side.

Business cards for the gun club.
Printing events on the back of pizza shop flyer's, they were always blank.

I'll add to this thread as time permits. 

Remember BlackPowderBill is relocating to Madison County Georgia in September.
Same email
Same phone number

My "bpbreloading" gunbroker account is running rather slim till after the move and I can unpack items

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