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No Discounts and No Apologies, Just Send Cash

No discounts and no apologies, just send cash

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No discounts and no apologies, just send cash
I don't know about Wal-Marts policy. I do know if you want a box of cartridges from me come Jan 15 2014 it will cost you $10.00 for the NICS check. That is if NICS will accept a NICS for ammo purchases. See, I can't find that section on my NICS form and the "other" block on the 4473 is for serial numbered receivers & the like.
My guesstamate is the state is waiting for sportsmen to tell the state how to do it. Like sportsmen have done so many other times in the past. You know, how there always seems to be a few select individuals who feel another infringement isn't so bad that they can give up just this one time because they feel that is a good compromise.
Which brings me to a line I use to use at meetings; "Sportsmen have compromised themselves out of the hunting, fishing & trapping".

Come this November many firearms owners will, well maybe; flock to the polls to elect all those politicians that signed onto the "Repeal Law" declarations or as I call it the paper tiger firearms ban repeal.
Oddly enough in 30 plus years of meetings, Letters, gun shows I'm still trying to remember where or how all these new supporters sprang from out of thin air. I can say if you have the time visit MAG. That's Mayor Bloomberg's anti gun web site . Look up all those local politicians who have signed the paper tiger & see if you can match any up with the good Mayor's firearms ban-wagon.
I'll say this again to control Albany you have to control the local political body. Remove the lifers from local politics and then you can control Albany.
I ask you to make a mental or written note of people who attended your meetings. Then look back in the clubs archives for the meeting attendance roster and tell yourself how many of these new 2nd amendment supports have attend in the past?
Yes it sure is swell the donations are pouring in to fight the big battle. Unfortunately it is decades late. What really riles me is not one Judge in NY has stood up and declared the firearms ban unconstitutional. It's not like sportsmen haven't see several federal decisions on firearms ban's and law's the last few years be overturned.
My inbox is flooded with meeting dates, opinions on how we can overcome firearms bans from people I've never had correspondence from in the past.

I'm sure many of us have seen these devout supporters in the past. You know as they walked by our tables at sporting shows and the like. The ones who came up and asked what "you're" doing to protect their "rights". The ones who flipped you off as the walked by laughing and yelled back over there shoulder they'd never join again because they were sent to many letters for donations and membership applications. They felt that advertising was a waste of money.

This past July I went to my office and started sorting out paperwork in anticipation of selling our home so we can escape from New York. I pulled out hundreds of letter to the NRA, legislators letters from four states that I've lived in. Dozens of magazine & newsletter articles several of which dated back into the 1930 & 40's. All had the same cadence, we must fight them now . Never give an inch, it our rights being trampled on.

I looked over much of the correspondences, the dates of meetings I sat in. As I thought back on all he hunting and fishing I missed out on protecting my rights while so many others were out enjoying themselves. Others who gave a crap about anything other than themselves.
I took a full pick-up truck load of paperwork or 40 years worth to the recycle center in July which included electronic files as well.

I was asked by a friend this past summer if I ever thought I had wasted my time being involved in all the politics. I replied with out hesitation YES. My wife once commented on how if I had been paid for all the thousands of hours spent doing all the work I've done that I'd be a millionaire.
Now days bullet and press sales have drop off from the first half of the year. Sportsmen are looking for big discounts on components. Unfortunately after the gougers and hoarders cleared the shelves of ammo and supplies the people now expect discount store pricing. Some feel it is my best interest to give up even more that I had in the past. I respond to this arrogance by telling them a story.

Had a guy at work who always wanted me to write a letter for him. He never belong to any association except his hunting camp. He work hundreds of hours of overtime every year making well into the 100k range. He never purchased a raffle ticket did nothing but ask for others to do for him.
So one day he asked me if I was going to attend a meeting in Albany. I replied, NO. He asked why? Can't afford to fight for you any longer. If you want me to go I'll need to be paid to take the day off. Besides I need my vacation time for hunting!

No discounts for memberships regardless of the profession. It is the profession you choose and you are well paid for what you do. Not everyone is a hero and those who ride the cape of heroism shame on you.
No discounts and no apologies to those who sat idly by letting a few of us fight for them. Again, No discounts and no apologies to anyone just send cash.

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