Friday, June 28, 2013

NY Firearms Ban ~ another Q&A session turns out protestors & HOPE.

 About 100 gun owners turned out last night at the Port Crane Fire House for a forum on the NY SAFE Act led by Assemblyman Cliff Crouch.
The forum was supposed to be a question and answer session, but quickly turned into a rally against the controversial NY SAFE Act.
After explaining the problems with the gun-control law, crouch said that wherever he goes, constituents are saying “kill the law.” Crouch said an effort to repeal the SAFE Act is now in committee, but the Democratic majority is unlikely to let the bill get to the floor for a vote.

From Press connects:

There has been considerable conversation in recent months about how Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act was going to kill youth shooting.
The SAFE Act, which is now apparently written in stone despite huge upstate outcry, forbids the transfer of ammunition by anything other than a direct transfer, with a dealer handling the transaction and a background check of the purchaser.
One of the ways youth shooting programs can stay affordable is to purchase deeply discounted ammunition and have it shipped directly.
Putting this additional layer of regulation on ammunition, it would seem, means cash-strapped shooting programs simply can't operate.
But Jim Shepard’s website The Outdoors Wire determined that all may not be lost. Shepard talked with Steve Miller, the Executive Director of the Youth Sports Shooting Alliance about the New York problem.
Yes, it’s a serious threat, Miller told The Outdoors Wire. But he said there may still be a way to get youth shooting exempted, along with other organized events.
"Had a conversation with Kevin Bruen, Assistant Counsel of the New York State Police about this very topic on Monday," Miller said. "The provision of the NY SAFE ACT which prohibits direct shipment of ammunition to private citizens, groups or organizations does not come into effect until January, 2014."
Prior to that, Miller said, there is a "rule writing component" to the law which may exclude youth, and other, programs from requiring ammo to be shipped through a licensed dealer.
"Based on my conversation,” Miller told Shepard, “I'd think that supportive comments of this proposed exclusion would be effective in allowing youth programs to take full advantage of industry offers for special pricing."
At this point, one can only hope.

So the firearms community has finally seen the light of day. Quote: "At this point one can only hope." WOW~ yes, hope and chains . Where were all you firearms owners and supporters in the past? Where were all the counties and clerks? Hun? Didn't matter till it became a pocket issue did it. Firearms owners need to start voting people out of office and run for office themselves. Guess they will havde time for that in 2014 since they will be shooting less.

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