Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bench Guns MuzzleLoaders~For Sale

 This past week I picked up 2 bench guns. Both 50 cal. Not much info from the guy I got them from.
So I was told the light ML is 13 pounds,  Left handed ,1-1/8" bbl fluted, side back action lock marked Manton. It appears to be a re-worked older lock on a modern ML'er. Stock is unknown wood, maybe a maple of sorts.

  ML'er #2 is a 33 pounder, 1-1/2" dia bbl.
  The 33 pounder is a underhammer. Stock appears to be cherry but I'll not swear to that.

I did not weigh these I'm just going off what I was told.

No sights came with either one. This is a mistake of the garage sale hawks. They ask the owner if they have any firearms and when 2 like these appear they run off and forget about the accessories.
As we all know the sights and accessories are usually worth more than the firearms themselves. So I got them 3rd hand with no original owner info. I did have to laugh as they were first described as being circa 1940-50's.

Ah yea, with G.R. Douglas barrels

One good note is both came with their false muzzles for loading! Double triggers on both work.

Both bores are in fair to good condition considering how long they have set in a closet. A few patches soaked in CRC Power lube and the old lube & red fuzz started coming off. I know these ML'ers will make a fella a good project to undertake.
The lighter ML'er wasn't to heavy that it could be shot off-hand if you had a mind to.

I'll clean them up and get more detailed pictures , then post for sale later on.

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